Personal Packs

This is a collection of step file packs that I have created. Sorted by most recent.

9V EP 2
28 Songs

21 Songs

8 Songs

9V Recharged
51 Songs

Atomic Battery Pack
37 Songs

Lithium-ion Battery Pack
14 Songs

NiMH Battery Pack
33 Songs

9Volt Battery Pack
27 Songs

Collaborative Packs

Projects that I have led with creating a collection of step files submitted by multiple authors and compiled into a series of step file packs.

Animusic Season 2
41 Songs

Animusic Season 1
41 Songs

Anime Boston 2010
52 Songs

Individual Files

Single step files that I have created that are not currently included in any of my own packs.

Beat Juggling Mix

*Legend: [Novice/Easy/Medium/Hard/Expert]