What would it be like to start over, but still know everything that you've learned?


This log is to document the start and progress of a personal DDR rehabilitation program.


Many articles about skill mastery explain that in order to get past a plateau, one method in doing so is to change something in the training program to keep the mind and body outside of its comfort zone.

Going forward, I will be playing on Reverse scroll. (Discontinued the use of Reverse on 7/1/2018) I will limit my speed mod to no higher than x1.5. Doing so will change my reaction, timing, and how I interpret patterns. By taking my mind out of "auto-pilot" mode, I may be able to improve my ability to read and execute patterns, the ability to read slow scroll speeds, and clear away any other mental blocks.


  • My scores and general skill will initially be significantly decreased.
  • My "starting point" will already be at a relatively competent skill level.

Mental training considerations

  • Maintain focus on the arrow targets or the area before the targets at all times.
  • Concentrate on every individual note and focus on lining up the arrow with the target outline.
  • Arrows are not spaced relative to the actual panels.

Physical training considerations

  • Maintain proper form at all times.
  • Execute crossovers whenever possible.
  • Each step should be as focused as the last, especially during turns.
  • Keep part of the foot on the center metal panel during each step.
  • No need to turn excessively for crossovers, panels are closer than what is perceived.
  • Do not recoil during execution, i.e. flinching, blinking.
  • Maintain center of gravity.
  • Avoid flaring out arms while holding the bar.
  • If unable to execute certain patterns, i.e. jacks, change stance until I am able to do them.
  • Focus on using the heels and balls of the feet as the primary striking points.
  • Avoid crouching, especially during dense patterns.
  • Keep knees bent, do not allow them to lock out.
  • Work on keeping feet facing as straight forward as possible.

Include in every session

  • Practice at least three songs at a slow scroll rate during every session.
  • Practice at least three songs at a faster scroll rate to expand reading speed.
  • Practice at least three songs with speed changes.
  • Practice one song that I have a mental block on.

Current known mental blocks

  • Step jumps similar to MAXX UNLIMITED, ΔMAX
  • MAXX UNLIMITED staircase run into jump
  • MAX 300 ending jacks
  • Blew My Mind Expert slowdown intro
  • ΔMAX Expert around 198, 213 combo

Abandon program if condition does not improve after 60 days.


Start of training with Reverse.

Dietary factors: Beer and appetizers at off-site event.
Mood: Tired from event, bloated from filling up on appetizers.

Scores and reading ability were diminished, as expected. Practiced MAX 300 to full combo the ending, with a 7/15 success rate. Played on x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE.


Dietary factors: One beer after work. Cannot recall dinner.
Supplements: One serving of Citadel Tier 1+ preworkout.

Session was streamed. Played easier songs to get accustomed to timing and to read slower speeds without being too overwhelmed. Practiced MAX 300 to full combo the ending, with about a similar success as before.


Did not physically play DDR. Played StepMania on Reverse scroll to practice reading.


Dietary factors: Multiple beers early in the day.
Mood: Wiped out from Father's Day activities. Concentration was difficult. Effects from beer wore off by practice time.

Continued to practice timing. MAX 300 full combo 2 out of 4 tries.

  • 999,580 PFC on ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)(Speedcake Remix) Expert, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 970,290 FC PARANOiA survivor Expert, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE


Diet: Beer from lunch with vendor, homemade bean burrito before playing.
Supplements: Citadel Tier 1+ preworkout.
Time: 8:45-10:30 PM

Reading became noticeably better. Practiced some easier songs on slow speeds and Replicant D-Action songs on Difficult, x1.25 to stretch my reading speed. Able to PFC more songs. Some songs played were one or a few greats away from a PFC.

MAX 300 full combo 3 out of 4 tries. Played on x1.75, REVERSE, NOTE.

  • 999,680 PFC south Expert, x3.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 999,400 PFC LOVE♥SHINE Expert, x2.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 999,610 PFC sync (EXTREME version) Expert, x2, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 986,770 FC PARANOiA survivor Expert, x1.75, REVERSE, NOTE


Lunch: Salmon, chicken, rice pilaf, corn, falafel, sweet potato, ice cream
Pre-DDR snack: Blueberry crumble, Citadel Tier 1+ preworkout
Dinner: Leftover budae jjigae
Time: 9:00-10:00 PM

Set of songs with slow scroll:

  • Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) Expert, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Starry HEAVEN Expert x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Bombay Bomb Expert, x1, REVERSE, NOTE
  • New Gravity Expert, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE

Set of songs with fast scroll:

  • はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ Expert, x2.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Go↓Go↑Girls&Boys! Expert, x2.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • ミライプリズム Expert, x3.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 999,640 PFC One Sided Love Expert, x3.5, REVERSE, NOTE

Set of songs with speed changes:

  • 桜 Expert, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Anti-Matter Difficult, x1.25, REVERSE, NOTE
  • POSSESSION Difficult, x1.25, REVERSE, NOTE
  • ÆTHER Difficult, x1.25, REVERSE, NOTE

  • 999,730 Let's Get Away Expert, x3, REVERSE, NOTE

Finding that x3 at 150 BPM is becoming more comfortable.
MAX 300 full combo 2 out of 3 times, x1.75, REVERSE, NOTE, first attempt was a miss on the set of left jacks at the end. Starting to gain more control of the set of up and down jacks.


Lunch: Kimchi fried rice
Snack: Banana, Citadel Tier 1+ preworkout
Post-DDR snack: Peanut butter & protein cookie
Dinner: Italian sausage, potatoes
Time: 6:15-8:00 PM

Slow set:

  • 回レ!雪月花 Expert, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Din Don Dan Expert, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Do The Evolution, x1, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Beautiful Dream, x1.5, REVERSE, NOTE

Fast set:

  • sola Expert, x3.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Top The Charts Expert, x3.5, REVERSE, NOTE
  • air Expert, x4, REVERSE, NOTE

Speed change set:

  • Anti-Matter Difficult, x1, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Blew My Mind Difficult, x1.25, REVERSE, NOTE
  • Over the "Period" Basic, x1.25, REVERSE, NOTE

  • 999,670 PFC BURNIN' THE FLOOR Expert, x2, REVERSE, NOTE

  • 999,470 PFC A thing called LOVE Expert, x2.5, REVERSE, NOTE

Worked on the MAX 300 full combo, missed on the left jacks in two attempts, may not have put in enough effort. Messed up the up jacks on one attempt.

Still have the same mental blocks with the intro step-jumps on MAXX UNLIMITED.


Reading practice on StepMania. Deciphering patterns is still difficult. Find my eyes wavering too much away from the targets.


Breakfast: McDonald's sausage egg and cheese biscuit, hash brown, unsweetened tea
Snack: Starbucks grande coffee
Lunch: Chicken Now spicy chicken sandwich
Dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings chicken tacos, pretzel and queso dip, Elysium Space Dust IPA

Time: 8:30-11:30 PM

First time playing DDR A since starting the rehabilitation program. Timing seemed to go well in general, though it was difficult to find the right speed mod for some BPMs.

  • 999,830 Every Day, Every Night(NM STYLE) Expert, x4, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 999,820 Everything I Need Expert, x4, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 999,760 PFC 千年ノ理 Expert, x2.75, REVERSE, NOTE
  • 999,850 Love Again Expert, x6.5, REVERSE, NOTE

Some PFCs omitted for brevity. Love Again was the last song needed to fill all clear lamps for every mix on Expert. Reaction to patterns is still shaky.

MAX 300 Expert 3great, 1 good, 2 miss, got 1 good before getting any greats, two misses were both on down, which is apparently a problem arrow for others as well.


Breakfast: Pumpkin muffin, blueberry crumble, peanut butter and protein cookie, banana
Preworkout: Citadel Tier 1+
Lunch: Chicken Parmesan
Dinner: Salad, Chicken Parmesan

Went to the gym for cardio training.


Sleep was extremely poor, feeling very tired. Bought some ZMA to help get better sleep. Catching up on some rest, as practicing while sleep deprived will not yield beneficial results.


Breakfast: Pumpkin muffin
Lunch: Chicken pik pow fried rice
Dinner: Kimchi fried rice
Time: 8:30-9:30 PM

Feeling more rested than yesterday. Calves are sore. Mostly worked on slow reading and adjusting form to keep feet pointing straight forward more. No PFCs or scores to note.


Breakfast: Two pumpkin muffins
Lunch: Ribs, mac and cheese, coleslaw
Snacks: two espressos
Dinner: Tuna mac and cheese

Time: 8:45-10:00 PM

Practiced more low speed reading and playing songs with speed changes. Got a personal best on IX Difficult, 981,430 GFC old scoring. On the verge of abandoning using Reverse, questioning whether or not it's worth it, because I am finding it to be much more difficult to go against 10+ years of reading patterns on normal scroll in such a short amount of time. Perhaps my effort will be better spent on practicing reading slow speeds on normal scroll and fighting auto-pilot urges that way.

Starting to adjust my form better, have to actively think hard to keep it from falling back to my default form. Grasping a better feel for hitting the panels more efficiently.


StepMania for about 30 minutes. Poor mood. Feeling hopeless about continuing with Reverse. Slow sections become more readable, but everything else still suffers greatly.


Time: 8:30-10:00 PM

Abandoned the use of Reverse. Using low speed mods as practice. Only used x1.5 on every song played. Reaction to patterns in general is pretty messed up.

  • 993,060 FC AETHER DSP, x1.5, NOTE


Lunch: Pork rice and veggie bowl from SA PA food truck
Time: 8:30-10:30 PM

Played only on x1.5, mixing in slow BPM songs with faster songs with speed changes. Made a conscious effort to maintain a new stance, keeping feet facing more forward or inward. Seems to help out with executing jacks.


Breakfast: Banana
Lunch: Mapo tofu and pork with rice at Double Chin
Dinner: Salad from sweet green
Preworkout: Citadel Tier 1+
Time: 8:00-11:30 PM

Went out to play DDR A. Played as normal while sticking with the play style adjustment. Played Abyss and Sexy Planet to test jacks, was able to maintain control for most of them.

  • 999,880 PFC S·A·G·A ESP, x3, NOTE
  • 999,820 PFC A CSP, x3.25, NOTE


Practiced Love You More ESP on StepMania.


Breakfast: Clif bar
Lunch: Lamb chili
Dinner: Spaghetti and green beans
Preworkout: Citadel Tier 1+
Time: 8:30-11:00 PM

Streamed playing DDR to mainly examine my footwork. Despite my efforts to keep my feet facing more forward or inward, they look like they still point outward. Practiced some lower level songs on x1 and x1.5 speed. Went through some songs that need improvement based on the DDR A score manager app. Gained some possible personal bests.

  • 995,200 FC B4U ("VOLTAGE" Special), x4, NOTE
  • 987,740 FC London EVOLVED ver.A ESP, x1.75, NOTE
  • 993,550 FC Magnetic ESP, x3.75, NOTE


Snack: Banana, Valhalla Java coffee
Lunch: McDonald's two cheeseburgers and fries
Dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings fried pickles, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, boneless Caribbean jerk wings
Time: 8:00-11:00 PM

DDR A session. Aimed to PFC the new EXTRA EXCLUSIVE, Love You More. Best so far after a few attempts was 1 Great and 1 Good. 997,780 FC, x3.75, NOTE.

Went through the DDR A score manager to do cleanup.

  • 990,280 London EVOLVED ver.A ESP, x1.75, NOTE
  • 961,510 Neutrino ESP, x2.75, NOTE
  • 971,880 New York EVOLVED (Type A) ESP, x1.75, SUDDEN+, NOTE
  • 999,870 Brazilian Anthem ESP, x4.5, NOTE
  • 999,870 STILL IN MY HEART(MOMO MIX), x3.75, NOTE
  • 961,990 London EVOLVED ver.A CSP, x1.75, NOTE

First clear on Over The "Period" DSP 942,870, x1.5, SUDDEN+, NOTE. This completes the Level 15 folder.

New 17 AAA, The Legend of MAX(X-Special), 992,110 FC, x2, NOTE.

Raised PARANOiA ~HADES~ CSP to 903,300, x2, RIGHT, NOTE.

Left knee started feeling some discomfort. Possibly from trying to force adjust feet to point forward and inward. Discomfort came and went as the night went on.


Left knee felt some discomfort again. Took a day off to rest.


Lifting day.


Sore from lifting, was difficult to move legs for anything more difficult than a 14. Took it easy with x1.5 reading.


Lunch: Pierogis, frozen texas toast with garlic and cheese
Snack: Clif bar, Trader Joe's coffee
Time: 9:00-11:00 PM

DDR A session. Used the score manager to prioritize songs to play. Mustered up courage to give Over The "Period" DSP a shot again, despite not improving the score.


Time: 1:27:55

At home livestream DDR session. Two sets of slow reading practice on x1.5. Raised CHAOS Challenge and Poochie Expert to over 950,000. First full combo on Fascination MAXX Expert. New personal best on 嘆きの樹 Challenge.


Lunch: McDonald's Buttermilk chicken sanadwich
Dinner: Ramen
Time: 10:00 PM - 12:30 AM

Felt very full from ramen and had lingering effects from alcohol due to beer at work. Less than ideal conditions, but had a very killer session.

DDR A session highlights


Lunch: McDonald's Double filet o' fish
Time: 7:30-10:00 PM

Felt more tired as the session went on. PFC on Healing-D-Vision Expert was the most surprising score to me.

DDR A session highlights:


Played Over the "Period" Beginner, Basic, and Difficult, until I could full combo them.


Time: 5:30-11:30 PM
Long DDR A session.


Log is discontinued as of today. It has already deviated too much from its original purpose.