Between now and the last release, I have created enough material to form another pack. To be quite honest, I have been less and less motivated to write new charts. It's a very time consuming process and it takes even longer when I want to get a chart to be the way I want it to be. Most of the files will not have full difficulties since I simply do not have the time nor the drive to make them. There are a lot of other fun and exciting projects that I want to work on, and as much as I love to write simfiles for StepMania and In The Groove, all my projects relating to that have fallen by the wayside. With the landscape begining to shift from ITG towards StepMania 5, some changes to the way I make files will have to be taken into consideration.

If I decide to create any more simfiles, they won't be for ITG. I will want to create charts for all difficulties before moving to another song. I don't want to feel like I rushed through my work like I have been lately. Without going on too much further on the subject, I'll give you everything I have left. Head on over to my Step-Files section and download my latest pack release, 9V EP 2.

9V EP 2

My packs usually come with a wide variety of styles of charts between fun and easy to stamina drainers. This pack is a bit (a lot) on the technically advanced side. Some charts have some never-before-seen patterns that even some of the most expert players will need time to decipher. That is how I envision my charts to be, as some form of a puzzle for many players. If you've been playing ITG for a long time, you've probably seen it all and nobody out there right now is brave enough to bring out any new surprises or challenges, usually out of the fear of non-acceptance. Very few seek out the kinds of challenges I put out there, and it always surprises me whenever I see someone post a score or put up a YouTube video of them playing my work. To those that do, you all rock. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy 9V EP 2.